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Customer satisfaction is an essential goal of our services and we strive to ensure that all our customers achieve their objectives, be it for an owner occupied or a property investment. See what Empower Wealth clients had to say about us…

I can’t express in words how thankful I am to Bryce/Ben on the podcast and then Brendan from Empower Wealth who developed our Property Portfolio Plan. You mention a lot on the podcast about your “why” is to pass on your knowledge and help others not fall victim to spruikers and make great asset and financial decisions. I have to say you have done that for me and my family. I was hesitant about paying for the property portfolio plan but now that I have a 40+ year plan after reverse engineering our goals I don’t have to make uninformed decisions and wing it as I try to accumulate wealth. I have laid the foundation of my house and now I can build it knowing that the structure is strong

- Ricky Commerford, VIC

David, Sam and the team were amazing. Their patience and understanding of our situation has left us in a much better position then when we started. Although the application process was long and at times frustrating, the team kept us well informed throughout. Thank you to the team at Empower Wealth!

- Tyrell Fynn, NSW

I’ve used all of the services that Empower Wealth has to offer and am really impressed by the level of professionalism, care and attention the team provided to me. The property plan they created for me set me off on the right foot and changed my mindset, giving me something concrete to work towards. I received excellent financial and property advice that has put me in a great position for retirement and helped me buy a house in one of the hottest markets in years. I just purchased my first home and couldn’t have done it without the amazing team at Empower Wealth!

- Melanie Ralescu, VIC

Thomas and his team at the broking department were fantastic with assisting us with our lending options and loan structures. There was delays due to the bank’s incompetence but Thomas kept pushing us forwards for the next step on our behalf and kept us in the loop the whole time. Thoroughly impressed with Empower once again!!

- Ben Schnebele, NSW

The experience has been fantastic. It has given us a clear path to securing our financial future. In a world of uncertainty, it’s lovely to now have clear goal posts to measure our progress on a monthly/yearly basis. Thanks for all your hard work, you’ve made the experience enjoyable, accessible and practical.

- Lawrence Henry, VIC

This is our third interaction with Empower Wealth. Having used their buyers advocacy and mortgage broking services previously to secure investment properties, this time we worked with them to get financing for our dream home. We had previously worked with another mortgage broker at EW but she had since left the business. Mat stepped in for us and had enormous shoes to fill!!

Mat sat with us to work through all of our existing loans across 3 properties (a total of 5 loans across 2 institutions) and was able to consolidate it all while maintaining a great structure allowing us flexibility for any future moves we may want to make. With that out of the way, and our borrowing capacity established, we set about selling our existing home and finding our dream home. Mat and his team were able to step in again and worked to get the finance we needed while also keeping us informed about potential costs and knock-on effects.

Through a twist of fate at the banks, we ended up having a concurrent settlement where our existing home sale and new purchase settled at the same time on the same day. Not ideal and very stressful while planning the move. However, all of the work Mat and his team had done ahead of time was well worth it as the finances all came through perfectly and allowed us to focus on the actual moving of furniture and boxes.

When we have the need again, I won’t hesitate to engage Empower Wealth and have already recommended them to friends and family as well.

- Lawrence Kendall, VIC

Jake was an amazing buyers agent. We changed our mind several times throughout the process and he patiently talked us through our options each time.

He encouraged us to wait for the right property and demonstrated commitment towards helping us achieve our overall investment strategy. He did this all through multiple lockdowns and in a hot market. He saved us time and money and we cannot thank him enough. He is clearly and expert in his field and well worth the investment.

- Emma and Cameron White, NSW

We would like to thank Rachel Cole and Empower Wealth for its processes to enable us to have a greater understanding of our finances and our future. We are more confident in our ability to invest and can’t wait to continue this journey with our first investment property.

- Karen Judge, NSW

Matt and the team were very informative throughout our investment journey. They were very responsive and answered any and all of our wacky questions. They looked after all of the key interactions with our lender and conveyancer and made the whole process stress free. They are a great team of investment savvy mortgage brokers 🙂

- Emma and Cameron White, NSW

As a first time investor with a large amount of information out there on what to do, it was nice to find a service that really felt like they were on our team, and were not in it for their own interests. They made the process feel straight forward and we now have a plan to help us make the next steps towards a better financial outcome.

- Beau Keywood, NSW

Very impressed by the service of Brendan and the team who helped me develop my property plan. The level of detail was awesome and there was no question left unanswered. Thanks so much!

- Micheal O’Keeffe, NSW

Thank you Melissa and Katie for your help during this exciting time of buying first home.
I was stressed at times and felt reassured by you. Looking forward to working with you again!

- will cr, NSW

We were very happy with the service Brad and his team provided for us. Empower Wealth ‘walks the talk’ when it comes to investment-savvy mortgage broking. Not only is the interest rate on our lending is very ‘sharp’ compared with what we were on before but the set up is optimal for us to purchase our first investment property. We couldn’t recommend the team more highly.

- Adam Moy, NSW

Working with Bryan was a breeze. He was very professional, being a property valuer, he had a great eye for good value properties. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain to me the pros and cons. The entire process from research to settlement was made very easy. Would highly recommend!

- Yuhang Du, VIC

Empower has helped us plan our future, and put and easy to follow guide in place to achieve our goals.
I highly recommend to anybody I can. The benefits we have received in the space of only a couple of months far out way the fee.

- Christopher Bell, NSW

It’s an organisation with lots of individual experts that get involved in delivering the end goal. “All ace’s in their places” My wife and I saw the power of a broker that can hunt down the extra cash we needed that allow us to buy in the suburb we wanted.

We are fairly experienced property purchases, but the BA’s contacts secured us a property off market in a period that was on the verge of getting to boiling point. We saw the value of the BA in their knowledge of the purchase process in a market we were new to. In the 90 day period between exchange and settlement our property is worth $240,000 more than we paid. Driven by a heated market but only possible because of the BA’s team realestate connections and relationships that resulted in a quick negotiation and deal.

We deliberated whether we should engaging a BA, only because we felt we maybe paying for something we had done many times before quite successfully. We quickly realised the value of their knowledge, market data and connections. It makes sense now, and given the result, there is no question it was the right move.

- Alex Gomez, QLD

Matt is friendly and a good communicator, with a keen eye for great property. He managed to secure us a high-quality investment property, in a tightly held block, off-market, sight unseen for us, in another state, in the midst of a pandemic. Matt also has excellent connections to assist in the buying process.

- Jayne Grbin, NSW

Really great experience with Paul, he was very helpful and honest. Especially in my circumstance where it is myself and my 2 children. I would highly recommend Paul and the process to anyone, it has really made me feel at ease and given me hope that this is all achievable.

- Leonie Hardy, NSW

I found the team absolutely fantastic to deal with they somehow make a complicate process easy to understand and I actually feel like I am learning along the way! As always a pleasure.

- David Wallace, NSW

Excellent service – very detailed – all scenarios in your future are fleshed out. I found great comfort in the outcome – as in, your are here – you want to get there – this is how we can get you there. Its takes the concept of a coin toss for a successful retirement out of play.

- Robert Finn, NSW

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