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Paul Thompson

Qualified Property Investment Advisor

Paul Thompson is one of our Qualified Property Investment Advisors here at Empower Wealth. He has a background in residential/commercial construction, Investment Banking, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance.


Paul was born and raised in Victoria and had a strong passion for real estate at a young age. He pursued a building apprenticeship just out of high school and whilst getting some invaluable experience in real estate, he took his skills and youthful desire to travel by embarking on a journey across the UK and New Zealand and continued to perform construction work in both the residential and commercial arenas. During his travels, Paul met and married his wife, Stephanie, and decided to head to the US where she was born. Once in the US, Paul pursued his bachelor’s degree and a career in Investment Banking. He secured a job at a large international Investment Bank in New York. Rising through the ranks and taking on management and front office roles, Paul was the Prime Broker for his clients and Assistant VP at Barclays Bank. During this time in the investment banking space, Paul was able to advise his business clients in all manners of business investments as well as some family office advice for his clients. Paul realised he found more enjoyment in connecting personally with his clients and working on building their personal wealth positions.

Paul, Stephanie and their two children decided to make the move from the US back to Paul’s home town of Melbourne. During this move, Paul seized the opportunity to change his career path from Investment Banking and the large corporate settings to a more unique and tailored position at Empower Wealth. With his role as a Qualified Property Investment Advisor, Paul now has a greater sense of fulfilment by being able to meet with individuals and families in order to help them achieve their financial goals and aspirations through property investment.

During his spare time Paul loves spending time with his family and running around with his two children. Also, he enjoys playing his guitar, reading and keeping active by running, cycling and participating in local triathlons. He looks forward to watching his children grow and like the clients he’s helping, building a property portfolio of his own to provide financial security for his family.

As a first time investor with a large amount of information out there on what to do, it was nice to find a service that really felt like they were on our team, and were not in it for their own interests. They made the process feel straight forward and we now have a plan to help us make the next steps towards a better financial outcome.

- Beau Keywood, NSW June 2021

Really great experience with Paul, he was very helpful and honest. Especially in my circumstance where it is myself and my 2 children. I would highly recommend Paul and the process to anyone, it has really made me feel at ease and given me hope that this is all achievable.

- Leonie Hardy, NSW June 2021

Very thorough process which really drilled down into the details of our current financial state and habits. This attention to detail gave us great confidence that the plan was built out of our actual circumstances and was realistic for us. Our property wealth planning advisor Paul, helped answer all of our questions, and ensured we understood everything along the way. He even made suggestions that we hadn’t considered originally and ensured we were happy with the outcomes (ensuring to include all of our potential life events). Paul was able to be flexible with appointments, working around our schedule and having our meetings late in the afternoon to night was really appreciated! This process has enabled us to feel confident in our plan and realise what we are aiming towards is achievable!

- Sam Dunstan & Alison Law, QLD June 2021

Very straightforward process. Once a few initial parameters were worked out based on my current and future situation, the path forward was extremely clear with a defined goal. The whole process was transparent and the team was receptive to any questions throughout.

- Panayiotis Manolelis, QLD May 2021

Very professional but also friendly and customised service from all of the teams and staff. Extremely supportive, responsive to our changing needs and always able to provide answers to question quickly. highly recommended

- Paul Simkiss, NSW May 2021

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