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Joel Burton

Qualified Property Investment Advisor

Joel is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA) at Empower Wealth. He has a history in Project Management, holding a Certificate IV in the field, and is an avid musician.

From Hobart, Joel took the opportunity to relocate to Melbourne in 2009. He was referred to a property investment company by a good friend and that was when everything changed for Joel. He spent the next three years studying and delivering presentations on property investment to families all over the country.

While Joel enjoyed talking to households about the great opportunities property can deliver, he became unhappy with the quality and objectivity of the advice the companies he was working for were giving their clients. Joel decided to leave the field and secured a technical sales position with a reputable security company based in Melbourne. During his three years in security, Joel continued to study property in his own time and soon realised that this was where his career and passion lay. With this in mind, he joined Empower Wealth, a company that agreed with his ethics and shared his client-focused attitude.

Joel finds fulfilment in his role by being able to give his clients clarity on their current situation and hope for their future. He has a strong drive to ensure his clients are beginning their journey with Empower Wealth in an informed and exciting way and places great value on the importance of education. He not only wants his clients to know what they need to do around investing, but to also build his clients’ knowledge to understand why they are doing it from both a personal and technical viewpoint. This builds conviction and comfort when entering the property market.

Recently married, Joel spends his spare time studying, reading and playing soccer several times a week. He is still active with his music and runs his own side business with his wife, Angela, providing musical entertainment for weddings and corporate events. Joel’s long-term vision is to grow his property portfolio and practice the advice he provides to clients with Empower Wealth to take care of his family’s financial future.

My husband and I absolutely loved working with Joel. He went above and beyond to help us with our investment plan. He showed that he really cared about us and our future. Thankyou Joel

- Andrea Collier, VIC June 2021

Being a fan of the Property Couch podcast and having seen all of the free material the guys make available, these guys are really out to help the property investor. This in itself made me feel it was a no brainer to reach out to EmpowerWealth for guidance. We were teamed up with Joel, he was amazing, over numerous meetings to identify goals and discuss our finances, we were fully confident in his guidance and capability. The report was detailed and insightful and was to be our financial bible for our next phase in life. Joel helped us understand some hard truths, and we are now taking action on his recommendations. We know once this phase is completed, we will have reduced risk in our portfolio and allow us to breathe easier and live life a little better. Thanks Empowerwealth and Joel!

- Glenn L Stevens, NSW June 2021

Cannot recommend Empower highly enough. We had DIY’d as much as we could but with the added complexity of children and planning for schooling etc. we wanted to get some personalised advice. We went into the meeting expecting to get advice on when and what to buy for our next investment property. We were surprised when Joel told us we didn’t need to buy another! Testament to the fact this team give honest individualised advice that is in your best interest. The graphs and ability to play through different scenarios gave us the information we needed to make informed financial and lifestyle decisions that we otherwise would be unable to make. Joel was personable, great communicator and clearly an expert in his field. 10/10 - Emma

- Emma Henneken, QLD May 2021

My journey thus far with Empower Wealth has been nothing but positive. Joel was welcoming from the first initial meeting and took time to really get to know me/my future plans. There was no stress, pressure or judgement of circumstances or how much/little I knew about the property market. He took time to explain the information to me so informed decisions could be made. Mel, my mortgage broker did exactly the same thing. Everyone responded in a timely matter and made the whole experience seem achievable.

- Millie Read, NSW April 2021

Our aim in initiating guidance from Empower Wealth was to get advice on the best way to structure an investment loan to be able to get the maximum tax benefits, get long-term investment on our current surplus, and to set our path for future investments. With his extensive industry knowledge, not only did Joel assist with that but a whole plan for our next 25 years to retirement and beyond. We now know what we need to do to have a very comfortable retirement. Thanks, Joel and the team at Empower Wealth!

- Natasha Bow, QLD March 2021

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