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Stuart Bartram

Qualified Property Investment Advisor

Stuart is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor. Prior to the Property Investment industry, Stuart held leadership positions across the majority of his 15 year digital advertising career working for MediaMath, LinkedIn, DoubleClick / Google and other multinationals across Australia and the UK. He holds a BA (Hons) in Financial Services from the University of West of England and a Financial Planning Certificate from the Chartered Insurance Institute in the UK.

Concurrent to his digital career, Stuart’s interest in money and wealth creation stemmed from a young age and he has been passionate about property since coming to live in Australia. He bought his first property in 2001 and now owns a multi-million dollar portfolio.

With an eye for numbers and problem solving skills, he’s serviced advertising agencies and brands in previous roles. By taking a client centric approach and understanding the brand needs and objectives, Stuart advised them on the best solutions to achieve their desired goals.

After binge listening to over 100 episodes of The Property Couch, he was motivated to transfer his skills to help everyday Australian households achieve a passive income at retirement. He contacted Empower Wealth and now enjoys helping people build wealth over the long term through property investing. His experience, passion and analytical skills form a solid foundation to be able to provide professional advice in this sometimes complicated area.

Stuart is married with 2 girls and his weekends are spent running around with them. In his spare time, he is training for the next Obstacle Course Race (Tough Mudder and Spartan).

I have been a listener (of The Property Couch podcast) and a reader of Ben and Bryce's books for 3 years now. That is just a few months short of my overall stay in Australia so far. I am a migrant who moved to this great country to seek a better future for my family. The Empower Wealth narrative recommends a path to wealth building through real estate investing, coupled with simple money management techniques. What's more is that it requires as low as 10 hours a year to look after the portfolio! As amazing and unbelievable it sounds, I can clearly see how that is totally possible. Following the Empower Wealth story, I have become certain that the best way for me to be a contributing part of the economy is by being an investor in the country's real estate. And the podcast and other resources from Empower Wealth constantly guide me in realising this goal. If you're considering or debating with yourself whether real estate investing is the best path forward for you, listen to the first 20 episodes of The Property Couch podcast (as Bryce reminds us in every new episode). If that doesn't drive you to choose real estate investing as the pathway to build your wealth, almost nothing else will! So, subscribe now!

- Ash Kulkarni, NSW June 2021

Very professional service, that I would recommend to anyone looking to invest in the property market. From listening to the property couch to creating our own property investment plan with Stuart, we now feel like we are part of the Empower Wealth family and look forward to using more of their services in the near future. My wife and I are very excited about the property journey we are now on, and know that we have a professional company to assist us with making the correct decisions. Thanks again Stuart.

- Michael Pagotto, NSW May 2021

Although no one can predict the future, the plan gives the future a clearer picture from financial stand point. You have a pathway to achieve your financial goals. It provides you time to focus on living your life and it eases a lot of worries for us. Thanks to Stuart and the team for assembling our plan that is very personalised to our circumstances.

- Sharla Zulkarnaen, VIC May 2021

My experience with Stuart as my Property Investment Adviser was beyond what I expected. As I am just starting out in my property investment journey, Stuart was great in breaking down the entire process ahead, with the end result providing a clear path to take in accumulating personal wealth. From taking the time to understand my current personal situation - to the dollar - to clearly outlining the path to take to meet my personal goals, Stuart took great care in ensuring all details were covered. The detail and interaction provided by the resulting property plan provided great clarity of what is required to meet my goals on a month to month basis, ensuring continued accountability. Stuart was extremely engaging, timely and I can't think him enough for his time. I look forward to engaging Empower Wealth's services across my investment journey.

- Matt Napier, NSW May 2021

First class organisation with a professional, transparent and a thorough approach. As part of the engagement I have an excellent understanding of actions need to achieve my wealth goals.

- Vinodh Kumar RAVINDER, NSW April 2021

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